José Marrero.¹ 32. Las Vegas.

¹This web log is by me, for me, and to a lesser extent, for you. Here you’ll find a veritable panoply of written, photographed, or drawn diversions related (or not) to quasi-romantic pursuits, arcane vagaries, and very earnest, but most likely misguided coeval concerns. It is a copy of a copy of a copy, a repository of minutiae, and a treasure trove of likely worthless, pseudo-intellectual baubles. You’ll find stories² about girls, which are really just one not so imaginary girl disguised³ as many not so real ones, or vice versa. You’ll find unabashed, pretentious, and equally self-conscious avant-gardism. You’ll find me in pieces⁴, good and bad. I’m not artsier than you. I listen to folk. I dance salsa. I eat steak. I drink scotch. I don’t believe in gods.

⁴I’m [a{n}] amateur filmmaker, amiable, analytical, anarcho-extropian, atheist, attentive, cat lady, chivalrous, conscientious, conspiracy theorist, contradictory, critic, curious, debater, dexterous, director, discreet, dog lover, drinker, earnest, easily inspired, editor, eloquent, experimentalist, fastidious, fervid, fiscally conservative, forgetful, futurist, geek, hairy, honest, hopeful romantic, hopeless romantic, iconoclast, illustrator, independent film enthusiast, indolent, inexperienced, infidel, intellectual conversationalist, laugher, lazy, libertarian socialist, logical, lover, multilingual, naïve, naturalist, nomad, nullifidian, oenophile, oneironaut, optimist, passionate, pathological exaggerator, patient, pensive, perpetual student, philosopher, pirate, poet, post-humanist, pragmatist, procrastinator, punctual, reader, realist, respectful, sagacious, science fiction fanatic, scientist, scotch aficionado, screenwriter, secular humanist, selfish, sentimental, skeptic, slightly confident, slightly insecure, social liberal, stubborn, supercilious, thinker, tranquil, vulnerable, writer, and unequivocally, unapologetically myself.

²I hold back a disproportionately large, yet adequately (read: at an interminably slow pace) diminishing percentage of the time, which gives me the nagging, inspiring, aggrandizing feeling of having more to say, even if I think I can’t say it.

That’s why I’m here. In theory. To say it.

³All persons appearing in these entries are possibly fictitious, and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental, accidental, or just plain lazy. I own everything that happened to me. I will tell my stories. If people wanted me to write differently about them, they would’ve behaved differently.

  You are free to share, copy and redistribute anything here. I’d be honored.

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